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Low smoke low Halogen or Halogen-free Wires and Cables
一、產品標準 Standards: 
Intemational:  GB/T17650-2008
二、用途 Uses:
This product is used in enclosed places which are crowded with people,such as power plants,power stations,metallurgy,chemical industry,petroleum,high buildings,tunnels,undergrounds,equipment,and meters.These places demand low halogen or zero halegon when burned.
三、使用特性 Characteristics:
1、 電纜的額定電壓、導體長期允許工作溫度、電纜敷設高溫度等應符合低鹵、無鹵要求相應產品的要求。
2、低煙性能:透光率    小值為60%
      低鹵性能:鹵酸氣體釋放量≤100mg/g    無鹵性能:Ph值 ≥4.3     電導率≤10us/mm。
1. The rated voltage of cable,allowable working temperature of conductor and laying temperature of cable are 
    all up to the standards for low halogen or zero halogen products.
2. The property of low smoke:transmission rate(min.):%
    The porperty of low halogen:Releasing amount of halogen acid gas:≤   100mg/g
    The property of zero halogen:  PH value ≥4.3     conductance rate≤  10us/mm.
四、型號規格 Types and specifications:
WL——無鹵    DL——低鹵
 WL-zero halogen DL-low halogen 
1. 型號  Type

2. 規格  Specifications

五、技術特性 Technical properties:
2、對低煙低鹵電纜在燃燒時:鹵酸氣體釋放量≤100mg/g,     小透光率為60%
     對低煙無鹵電纜在燃燒時:PH值   ≥4.3         電導率≤ 10us/mm   小透光率為60%
1.The conductor resistance,insulation resistance,voltage-resistance test and partial discharge test of finished cable all refer to 
    those of ordinary cables.
2.Low smoke low halogen cable when burning:Relasing amount of halogen acid gas≤100mg/g  Transmission rate(min):60%
   Low smoke halogen-free cable when burning:PH value≥4.3  conductance rate≤10us/mm  Transmission rate(min.):60%.